Course name: Regional American Literature: Kentucky and Appalachia*
Department, course #, level: Department of Literature and Language, Eng 667, graduate and undergraduate
Semester(s) and year(s) taught (without significant variation): Spring Semesters 1989, 1991-1995, 1997-1998
Institution: Northern Kentucky University
Instructor(s): Danny L. Miller
21 West Charleston Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219
(606) 572-5619

Northern Kentucky University
English 667

Regional American Literature: Kentucky and Appalachia

Section 01, W 4:30-7:15
Instructor: Danny L. Miller
Room: Landrum 520
Office: Hours: TWR 3-4 and by Appointment
Office Phone: 572-5619

Required Texts

?Miles, Emma Bell, The Spirit of the Mountains
Arnow, Harriette, The Dollmaker
Smith, Lee, Black Mountain Breakdown
Smith, Lee, Fair and Tender Ladies
Norman, Gurney, Divine Right's Trip
Still, James, River of Earth
Stuart, Jesse, Taps for Private Tussie
Giardina, Denise, Storming Heaven
Offutt, Chris, Kentucky Straight
A collection of Readings (xeroxed)

Course Objectives

?The aim of this course is to introduce students to the rich and varied literature of the state of Kentucky and the Appalachian region, both of which have provided the setting for many works of literature and have produced writers of merit.

Course Requirements

?1) two exams (Midterm and Final)
?2) four essays (about 1000 words)
3) quizzes
?4) a journal - your journal should be kept in a bound composition notebook and should consist of exploratory responses to the readings. The journal will be evaluated on the following scale;

????50 full pages--B
40-50 full pages--C
30-40 full pages--D
less than 30 full pages--F

????50 full pages and quality insight, writing, etc.--A

Grading Policy

?Your final grade in this course will be based on the grades you have received on your exams, quizzes and papers. The quiz grades will be averages together to form one grade which will then be averaged together with the other grades. You will also receive an attendance/participation grade which will be averaged in with the other grades.

Attendance Policy

?I consider attendance to be a very important part of your responsibility for this course. Class discussion is a major aspect of the course, and you can hardly participate in the class if you are not here. An attendance/participation grade will be calculated based on the following: each absence (whether "excused" or "unexcused") will be worth 9 points. These will be added together and the total subtracted from 100 to arrive at an attendance/participation grade.

Policy Regarding Make-up Work

?I frown on late or missed work. Grades will be lowered on late papers. Please see me if you know that you are going to miss work or turn it in late.


?The Random House College Dictionary defines plagiarism as "the appropriation or imitation of the language, ideas, and thoughts of another author, and representation of them as one's own work." It is taking the ideas or statements of another author without clearly indicating that the ideas or statements are not one's own. Plagiarism is one of the most serious offenses a writer can commit and will result in expulsion from and failure in this course.

?All written work should be done on regular loose leaf notebook paper.


Daily Syllabus

Jan 11- Introduction to the course/Strangers and Kin

Jan 18- "The Star of the Valley," Mary Murfree, stories by John Fox Jr., poems by Ann Cobb

Jan 25- The Oral Traditions, folklore/folktales, ballads, music

Feb 1- The Spirit of the Mountains, Emma Bell Miles

Feb 8- Taps for Private Tussie, Jesse Stuart

?First Essay Due

Feb 15- poerty by Jesse Stuart and James Still

Feb 22- River of Earth, James Still

Mar 1- The Dollmaker, Harriette Arnow

Mar 8- The Dollmaker

?Midterm Exam

Mar 13- 18 Springbreak

Mar 22- Divine Right's Trip, Gurney Norman

? "Although Our Fields Were Streets" (Film)

? Second Essay Due

Mar 29- Black Mountain Breakdown, Lee Smith

Apr 5- "Harlan County, USA" (film)

Apr 12- Fair and Tender Ladies, Lee Smith

? Third Essay Due

Apr 19- Storming Heaven, Denise Giardina

Apr 26- Kentucky Straight , Chris Offutt

? Conclusions

? Fourth Essay Due

Wednesday May 3 4:40 Final Exam

*This syllabus was first published in Chris Baker, ed, Appalachian Studies: Syllabus Guide and Teaching Materials, American Sociological Association Resource Materials for Teaching series, 1997. Thanks to Chris Baker for his help with its reproduction in this archive.

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