Course name: History of Appalachia*
Department, course #, level: History 546, graduate
Semester(s) and year(s) taught (without significant variation):
Institution: Berea College
Instructor(s): Gordon McKinney
Berea College
Appalachian Center/CPO 2336
Berea, KY 40404

History 546

Dr. McKinney
Berea College
Office Hours: By appointment

The Grade will be computed as follows:

Exams .............60%
Research Paper ...20%
Class Discussion .20%

If a student has a satisfactory excuse for absence from an examination, the student must be prepared to take a make-up exam at the convenience of the instructor. An unexcused absence from an examination will result in a grade of zero being assigned.

Each student must do a 15-25 page research paper on a topic approved by the instructor. The paper must be based on at least 10 sources and at least one of them must be original.

The following abbreviations will be used in the syllabus:


Blackmun, Western North Carolina: Its Mountains and Its People to 1880
Lewis, Colonialism in Modern America: The Appalachian Case


Eller, Miners, Millhands, and Mountaineers: Industrialization of the Appalachian South
Perdue, Slavery and the Evolution of Cherokee Society, 1540-1866
Shapiro, Appalachia on Our Mind: The Southern Mountains and Mountaineers in the American Consciousness, 1879-1920
Williamson , An Appalachian Symposium: Essays Written in Honor of Cratis D. Williams


AH Appalachian Heritage
AgH Agricultural History
AJ Appalachian Journal
AQ American Quarterly
CWH Civil War History
ETHSP East Tennessee Historical Society’s Publications
FCHQ Filson Club History Quarterly
GHQ Georgia Historical Quarterly
JAH Journal of American History
JecH Journal of Economic History
JSH Journal of Southern History
NCHR North Carolina Historical Review
MVHR Mississippi Valley Historical Review
RKHS Register of the Kentucky Historical Society
SAQ South Atlantic Quarterly
SS Southern Studies
THQ Tennessee Historical Quarterly
VMBH Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
WVH West Virginia History and Biography
YR Yale Review

Course Schedule

Aug. 27---Introduction
Fisher, et al, "From Nonsense to Good Sense: A Collective Reflection on Appalachia
and Appalachian Studies," AJ (1982), 149-161.
Einstein, "Theory Si/ Practice No/ Appalachian Studies comes Full Circle" AJ (1982)

Sept. 3---Models of Appalachian Society
Lewis and Knipe, "The Colonial Model: The Appalachian Case," Lewis, 9-31.
Plaut, "Extending the Internal Periphery Model: The Impact of Culture and Consequent Strategy," Lewis, 351-364.
Walls, "Central Appalachia: A Peripheral Region within an Advanced Capitalist Society," Lewis, 314-349.
Foster, et al, "Class Political Consciousness, and Destructive Power: A Strategy for Change in Appalachian," AJ (1978), 290-312.
Shapiro, 90-111.
McKinney, "The Political Uses of Appalachian Identity After the Civil War," AJ (1980), 200-209.

Sept. 10---The Cherokee, Blackmun, 1-42, 241-260
Malone, "Cherokee-White Relations on the Southern Frontier in the Early Nineteenth Century," NCHR (1957), 1-14.
Perdue, 50-60, 97-116.
Perdue, "Traditionalism in the Cherokee Resistance Campaign, 1833-1838," JHS (1978), 191-212.
Finger, "The Abortive Second Cherokee Removal, 1841-1844," JSH (1981), 207- 226.

Sept. 17---Traditional Agriculture, Blackmun, 43-188
Inscoe, "Mountain Masters: Slave holding in Western North Carolina," NCHR (1984), 143-173.
Wilhelm, "Appalachian Isolation: Fact or Fiction," Williamson, 77-91.
Gates, "Tenants of the Log Cabin," MVHR (1962), 3-31.
Sitterson, "Economic Sectionalism in Ante-Bellum North Carolina," NCHR (1939), 134-146.
Eller, "Land and Family: A Historical View of Preindustrial Appalachia," AJ (1979), 83-109.

Sept. 24---Examination; Secession Crisis, Blackmun, 189-206, 261-355
Johnson, "A New Look at the Popular Vote for Delegates to the Georgia Secession Convention," GHQ (1972), 259-272.
Queener, "East Tennessee Sentiment and the Secession Movement, November 1860-June 1861," ETHSP (1948),
Rable, Anatomy of a Unionist: Andrew Johnson in the Secession Crisis," THQ (1973), 332-354.
Rishel, "West Virginia: Analysis of the Secession Ordinance Referendum, May 23, 1861," WVH (1970), 49-54.
Williams, "Lincoln’s Neutral Allies: The Case of the Kentucky Unionists," SAQ (1974), 70-84.

Oct. 1---Civil War and Aftermath, Blackmun, 336-379
Shanks, "Disloyalty to the Confederacy in Southwestern Virginia, 1861-1865," NCAH (1944), 118-135.
Campbell, "East Tennessee During Federal Occupation, 1863-1865," ETHSP (1974) , 64-80.
Skipper and Grove, "Stray Thoughts: The Civil War Diary of Ethie M. Foute Eagleton," ETHSP (1969), 116-128.
Gerofsky, "Reconstruction in West Virginia," WVH (1945), 5-39.
McKinney, "Southern Mountain Republicans and the Negro, 1865-1900," JSH (1975), 493-516.

Oct.8--Mountaineer Stereotype
Eller, 3-38.
Shapiro, 3-31, 113-131.
Klotter, "Feuds in Appalachia: An Overview," FCHQ (1982), 290-317.
Holmes, "Moonshining and Collective Violence, 1889-1895," JAH (1980), 589-611.
Askins, "John Fox, Jr., A Re-Appraisal: Or, With Friends Like That, Who Needs Enemies," Lewis, 250-257.

Oct. 15--Industrialization
Eller, 39-85
Caudill, "The Strange Career of John C. Mayo," FCHQ (1982), 258-289.
Wright, "The Big Steal," Lewis, 161-175.
McKinney, "Industrialization and Violence in Appalachia in the 1890's" Williamson, 131-146.
Hutson, "The Coal Miners Insurrections of 1891 in Anderson County, Tennessee," ETHSP (1935), 103-121.
Roberts, "Joseph E. Brown and the Convict Lease System," GHQ (1960), 399-410.
Fishbeck, "Segregation in Job Hierarchies: West Virginia Coal Mining, 1906-1932," JecH (1984), 755-774.

Oct. 29--Coal Mining and Labor, Examination
Eller, 161-223
Keleman, "A History of Lynch, Virginia, 1917-1930," FCHQ (1974), 156-176.
Wolfe, "Putting Them in Their Places: Industrial Housing on Southern Appalachia, 1900-1930," AH (1079), 27-36.
Sprague, "Unionization Struggles on Paint and Cabin Creeks, 1912-1913," WVH (1977), 185-213.

Nov. 5--Handcrafts and Music
Shapiro, 213-265.
Kirby, "Our Own Music," Lewis, 229-250.
Whisnant, "Finding the Way Between the Old and the New: The Mountain Dance and Folk Festival and Bascom Lamar Lunsford’s Work as a Citizen," AJ (1979-80), 135-154.
Thomas, "The Oneida Albums: Photography, Oral Tradition, and the Appalachian Tradition," RKHS (1982), 432-443.
Johnson, "Plain and Fancy: The Socioeconomic of Blue Ridge Quilts," AJ (1982), 12-35.
Martin, "Make’em and Shed’em Quick: The Appalachian Craftsman Revisited," AJ (1981), 4-19.

Nov. 12--1920's and Literary Revival
Cornelius, "Their Stage Drew All the World: A New Look at the Scopes Trial," THQ (1981), 129-143.
Bradford, "Religion and Politics: Alfred E. Smith and the Election of 1928 in West Virginia," WVH (1975), 213-221.
Thurman, "Bradley Kincaid: Music from the Mountains in the 1920's" RKHS (1982). 170-182.
Piacento, "No More Treachy Sentimentalism: The Legacy of T.S. Stribling to the Southern Literacy Renaissance," SS (1981), 67-83.
Kennedy, "Wolfe’s Look Homeward Angel as a Novel of Development," SAQ (1964) 218-226.|
Geismar, "Thomas Wolfe: The Hillman and the Furies," YR (1946), 649-666.

Nov. 19---Depression and the Intervention of the Federal Government
Olson, "The Depths of the Great Depression: Economic Collapse in West Virginia," WVH (1977), 214-225.\
Warren-Findley, "Musicians and Mountaineers: The Resettlement Administration in Appalachia, 1935-1937," AJ (1979-80), 105-123.
Droze, "TVA and the Ordinary Farmer," AgH (1979), 214-225.
Simmons, "Conservation, Cooperation, and Controversy: The Establishment of the Shenandoah National Park, 1924-1936," VMBH (1981), 387-404.
Talbert, "Arthur E. Morgan’s Social Philosophy and the Tennessee Valley Authority,"ETHSP (1969), 86-99.
Perdue and Martin-Perdue, "Appalachian Fables and Facts: A Case Study of the Shenandoah National Park Removals," AJ (1979-80), 84-104.

Nov. 26---Politics and Destruction of the Community
Dunn, "Knoxville Negro Voting and the Roosevelt Revolution, 1928-1936," ETHSP (1971), 71-93.
Bradford, "John F. Kennedy and the 1960 Presidential Primary in West Virginia," SAQ (1976), 161-172.
Frizzell, "The Politics of Cherokee Citizenship, 1898-1930," NCHR (1984), 205-230.
Parker, "ALCOA, Tennessee, The Years of Change, 1940-1960," ETHSP (1977), 99-115.
Bingham, "The Impact of Recreational Development on Pioneer Lifestyles in Southern Appalachia," Lewis, 57-69.
Wolfe, "J. Fred Johnson, His Town and His People: A Case Study of Class Values, the Work Ethic and Technology in Southern Appalachia, 1916-1944," AJ (1979-80), 70-83.

Dec. 3---Land Use and Tourism
Bailey, "Development of Surface Mine Legislation, 1939-1967," WVH (1969), 325-339.
Parlow, "The Land Development Rag," Lewis, 177-198.
Gaventa, "Property, Coal, and Theft," Lewis, 141-159.
Bethel and McAteer, "The Pittston Mentality," Lewis, 259-275.

Dec.10---Education and Religion
Bentley, "Pedagogy in Peril: Education in the Volunteer State During the Depression,"THQ (1984), 173-188.
Carsdorph, "Clarence W. Meadows, W.W. Trent and Educational Reform in West Virginia," WVH (1980), 126-142.
Elkins, "Seventh-Day Adventists: A Study of Home Mission Work in Western North Carolina," AJ (1981), 119-125.
Jones, "Old-Time Baptists and Mainline Christianity," Williamson, 120-130.
Clark, "Education and Exploitation," Lewis, 199-207.
De Young and Porter, "Multi cultural Education in Appalachia: Origins, Prospects and Problems," AJ (1979-80), 124-134.

*This syllabus was first published in Chris Baker, ed, Appalachian Studies: Syllabus Guide and Teaching Materials, American Sociological Association Resource Materials for Teaching series, 1997. Thanks to Chris Baker for his help with its reproduction in this archive.

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