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The Appalachian Studies Association was formed in 1977 by a group of scholars, teachers, and regional activists who believed that shared community has been and will continue to be important to those writing, researching, and teaching about Appalachia.

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The ASA is headquartered at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Mary Thomas, Executive Director, and Christopher Leadingham, Office Manager, can be reached via email at and, respectively.

Telephone: (304) 696-2904
Fax: (304) 696-6221
Mailing Address:
    Appalachian Studies Association
    One John Marshall Drive
    Huntington, WV 25755

40th ASA Annual Conference

EXTREME Appalachia!

March 9-12, 2017

Virginia Tech,
Blacksburg, Virginia

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Journal of Appalachian Studies

The first publication of the Appalachian Studies Conference included collections of papers presented at annual conferences and was entitled Proceedings. In 1989, the name was changed to the Journal of the Appalachian Studies Association. The JASA began accepting articles, studies, and book reviews as well as papers. The name was again changed to the Journal of Appalachian Studies in the early 1990s when the ASA office relocated to the campus of West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. The current headquarters has been managing publication of the JAS since 2001 when the ASA relocated to Marshall University in Huntington, WV.

Index of past Issues

Volume 1

No.1 (Fall 1995)

Volume 2

No.1 (Spring 1996)

No.2 (Fall 1996)

Volume 3

No.1 (Spring 1997)

No.2 (Fall 1997)

Volume 4

No.1 (Spring 1998)

No.2 (Fall 1998)

Volume 5

No.1 (Spring 1999)

No.2 (Fall 1999)

Volume 6

No.1&2 (Spring/Fall 2000)


Volume 7

No.1 (Spring 2001)

No.2 (Fall 2001)

Volume 8

No.1 (Spring 2002)

No.2 (Fall 2002)

Volume 9

No.1 (Spring 2003)

No.2 (Fall 2003)

Volume 10

No.1&2 (Spring/Fall 2004)

No.3 (Special issue)

Volume 11

No.1&2 (Spring/Fall 2005)


Volume 12

No.1 (Spring 2006)

No.2 (Fall 2006)

Volume 13

No.1&2 (Spring/Fall 2007)


Volume 14

No.1&2 (Spring/Fall 2008)


Volume 15

No.1&2 (Spring/Fall 2009)


Volume 16

No.1&2 (Spring/Fall 2010)


Volume 17

No.1&2 (Spring/Fall 2011)


Volume 18

No.1&2 (Spring/Fall 2012)


Volume 19

No.1&2 (Spring/Fall 2013)


Volume 20

No.1 (Spring 2014)

No.2 (Fall 2014)

Volume 21

No.1 (Spring 2015)

No.2 (Fall 2015)

Volume 22

No.1 (Spring 2016)


To inquire about permissions for the Journal of the Appalachian Studies Association (JASA) please contact Roberta Herrin at, and for Proceedings, please contact Pat Beaver at

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Back Issues of the Journal of Appalachian Studies and the Journal of the Appalachian Studies Association may be purchased. Photocopies of articles may also be requested. Copies of all volumes prior to volume 15 are sold by the Appalachian Studies Association. Please make checks payable to the Appalachian Studies Association and mail order to:

Appalachian Studies Association Attn: Mary Thomas Marshall University One John Marshall Drive Huntington, WV 25755

Copies of volume 15 through the current volume are sold by the University of Illinois Press. Please make checks payable to the Appalachian Studies Association and mail order to:

Journals Division
University of Illinois Press
1325 South Oak Street
Champaign, IL 61820, U.S.A.

Shipping and handling for one volume is $3.50; add $0.50 for each additional volume.
Shipping and handling to Canada/Mexico: $10.00 per copy.
International: $15.00 per copy.


Journal of Appalachian Studies (JAS)

Journal of Appalachian Studies Association (JASA)
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$5.00 per article