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The Appalachian Studies Association was formed in 1977 by a group of scholars, teachers, and regional activists who believed that shared community has been and will continue to be important to those writing, researching, and teaching about Appalachia.

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The ASA is headquartered at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Mary Thomas, Executive Director, can be reached via email at

Telephone: (304) 696-2904
Fax: (304) 696-6221
Mailing Address:
    Appalachian Studies Association
    One John Marshall Drive
    Huntington, WV 25755

41st ASA Annual Conference

Re-stitching the Seams: Appalachia Beyond Its Borders

April 5-8, 2018

Millennium Hotel,
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, which meets four times a year, is made up of Elected Officers and Appointed Officers. All Steering Committee Members have to join the Association to hold office and are responsible for mentoring their successors in the duties of that office. For specific duties of each member, please refer to the ASA Handbook/Bylaws:

Handbook PDF (1.0 MB) | DOCX (953 KB)
2017 Bylaws PDF (203 KB)

Elected Officers


Carol Boggess
2016-2017 VP/Pres. Elect; 2017-2018 President;
2018-2019 Past Pres./Conf. Chair (2019 Conf.)

Conference Chairperson (Immediate Past President):

Debbie Zorn
2015-2016 VP/Pres. Elect; 2016-2017 President;
2017-2018 Past Pres./Conf. Chair (2018 Conf.)

Immediate Past Conference Chairperson:

Anita Puckett
2014-2015 VP/Pres. Elect; 2015-2016 President;
2016-2017 Past Pres./Conf. Chair (2017 Conf.)

Vice President (President Elect):

Kathryn Newfont
2017-2018 VP/Pres. Elect; 2018-2019 President;
2019-2020 Past Pres./Conf. Chair (2020 Conf.)

Secretary (2017-2020):

Maria Hale

Treasurer (2017-2020):

Travis A. Rountree

Program Chairperson:

Joy Leann Gritton
2016-2017 VPC; 2017-2018 PC; 2018-2019 PPC

Immediate Past Program Chairperson

Emily Satterwhite
2015-2016 VPC; 2016-2017 PC; 2017-2018 PPC

Vice Co-Program Chair/Co-Program Chair Elect:

Kim Reigle
2017-2018 VPC; 2018-2019 PC; 2019-2020 PPC

Vice Co-Program Chair/Co-Program Chair Elect:

Jennifer Cramer
2017-2019 VPC; 2019-2020 PC; 2020-2021 PPC

At-Large Members (up to eight):

2017-2021: Jordan Laney
2017-2021: Alexander Gibson
2016-2020: Anne Chesky Smith
2016-2020: Travis A. Rountree
2016-2020: Brittany R. Hicks
2015-2019: Penny Messinger
2015-2019: Elandria Williams

Y'ALL Steering Committee Members (two):

2017-2019: Jacob Meadows
2016-2018: Lesly-Marie Buer

About ASA
Steering Committee/Officers
ASA History

Appointed Officers

Archivist/Historian (2015-2019):

Lori Thompson

Journal Editor (2016-2020):

Shaunna Scott

Ex-officio Executive Director:

Mary Thomas

Liaison Officer (2014-2018):

Kathy Seelinger

Scholarship Chairperson (2016-2020):

Kehren Barbour

Finance Chairperson (2015-2019):

Jeff Spradling

Membership Chairperson (2016-2020):

Rachel Terman

Communication Chairperson (2017-2021):

Megan Osborne

Awards Chairperson (2015-2019):

Brittany Means

Appalink Editor (2016-2020):

Eryn Roles

Silent Auction Coordinators (2015-2019):

Meredith Doster
Jesse Edgerton

Education Chairperson (2014-2018):

Theresa Burriss

Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson (2015-2019):

Susan Spalding

Ex-officio Office Manager:

Christopher Leadingham

International Connections Committee (2017-2021):

Katherine Ledford