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The Appalachian Studies Association was formed in 1977 by a group of scholars, teachers, and regional activists who believed that shared community has been and will continue to be important to those writing, researching, and teaching about Appalachia.

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The ASA is headquartered at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Mary Thomas, Executive Director, can be reached via email at

Telephone: (304) 696-2904
Fax: (304) 696-6221
Mailing Address:
    Appalachian Studies Association
    One John Marshall Drive
    Huntington, WV 25755

41st ASA Annual Conference

Re-stitching the Seams: Appalachia Beyond Its Borders

April 5-8, 2018

Millennium Hotel,
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Appalachian Studies Association is to promote and engage dialogue, research, scholarship, education, creative expression, and action among a diverse and inclusive group of scholars, educators, practitioners, grassroots activists, students, individuals, groups and institutions. Our mission is driven by our commitment to foster quality of life, democratic participation and appreciation of Appalachian experiences regionally, nationally and internationally.

Appalachian Studies Association Headquarters

The Appalachian Studies Association is headquartered at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Mary Thomas, Executive Director, and Ann Bryant, Office Manager, can be reached via email at and, respectively.

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Telephone: (304) 696-2904

Fax: (304) 696-6221

Mailing Address:
    Appalachian Studies Association
    One John Marshall Drive
    Huntington, WV 25755


Any member of the ASA may submit a written suggestion for making a change to the bylaws. Submissions should include a description of the change and an explanation for the change. The Steering Committee will then discuss the suggestion. If approved by the Steering Committee, the change will be included in the ASA newsletter. The change will then be voted on either at the conference or by mail, and must be approved by two-thirds of the membership voting to become an amendment to the bylaws. (Adapted from Article XVI of ASA Bylaws).

 >> Click here to download Bylaws [PDF 203K]

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Membership and conference registration are now handled by the University of Illinois Press. Please visit our secure, online payment portal to join the ASA or register for the upcoming annual conference. Membership in the Association includes a subscription to the Journal of Appalachian Studies and access to the ASA newsletter (Appalink) and all conference mailings. Note: Conference registration includes membership in the organization as well as the above.

You may also submit your request by completing either the Membership Form or Conference Registration Form and mailing along with payment to:

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Please make checks payable to the Appalachian Studies Association. Do not email credit card orders. A $35 late fee will be applied to all conference registrations ordered after March 9.

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Individual Membership$100.00
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Individual ASA Conference Registration$150.00
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Additional Information

 >> ASA Plan for Action 2008-2013 [PDF 256K]

 >> Long Range Plan (2008-2013) [PDF 1.3M]

 >> Long Range Plan Update (May 2011) [doc 24K]

 >> Wikipedia entry - ASA


The ASA devises and distributes resolutions regarding ongoing issues outside of the association. Below is a description of and link to each ASA resolution in PDF format.

Don West Homeplace Letter of Support [PDF 8K]

The Mountaintop Removal Resolution [PDF 12K] passed at an ASA Business Meeting on 20 March 1999, requests that Mountain Top Removal and Fill-In of Valleys in the Appalachian region be stopped immediately.

The Radford University Resolution [PDF 16K] an address made by former ASA President Carol Baugh, was given to the Radford University Appalachian Studies Department in March of 2008. This resolution expresses support for the RU Appalachian Studies light of the University’s efforts to downsize its Appalachian Studies program.

The KCTCS Tenure Resolution [PDF 16K] passed by the ASA Steering Committee on 29 March 2009, requests that the KCTCS Board of Regents reinstitute tenure as an option for new employees.

The Memorandum of Understanding [PDF 72K] an agreement between the ASA and the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), was entered into on 23 July 2009 for the purpose of “seek[ing] opportunities to collaborate in activities and take actions to benefit the Appalachian people, their region, and their communities.”

The Letter of Protest [PDF 8K] was written by former ASA President Gordon McKinney in February 2003, in response to CBS wanting to air a show called “The Real Beverly Hillbillies,” a series which the ASA felt would exploit people in the Appalachian region.

The Resolution in Support of ARC's Use of Funds [PDF 12K] was printed in issue 3.1 of Appalink in May 1979. It applauds the efforts of the Appalachian Regional Commission to use funding for the support of local grassroots organizations.